Program Facet Overview

The Links, Inc. is a service organization that strives to enrich our African American communities through educational, civic and inter-cultural activities. Service is based on the cornerstones of our five programming facets: Services to Youth, The Arts, National Trends and Services, International Trends and Services and Health and Human Services. The Palos Verdes (CA) Chapter of The Links Inc. has implemented service programs meeting the goals of each of these facets. Through umbrella programming, we are often able to incorporate the objectives of more than one Facet in each program.

Services to Youth

This was the first program facet created by The Links, Inc. Its goal is to empower youth to use their intellect and spirit of achievement to become successful and productive citizens. The Palos Verdes (CA) Chapter of The Links, Inc has developed programming under this facet which responds to the academic, cultural and mentoring needs of the youth.

Little Brown Girls Read Book Club is a Saturday Enrichment program for 4th and 5th grade girls at the Watts Learning Center. Our members volunteer their time assisting with reading comprehension, teaching problem solving skills and friendship building through group discussions, activities and mentorship. Nutritional snacks are served promoting healthy eating. Our efforts increase literacy and spark a love for books among girls of color.

The Arts

Our chapter’s award winning program brings The Arts to elementary children in Los Angeles at the Watts Learning Center. We have partnered with the Palos Verdes Art Center to deliver hands-on art instruction.

The Links to Art program nurtures creativity, raises self-esteem and stimulates intellectual growth. Our efforts decrease the “art equity gap” in underserved communities through free arts education in the classroom and field trips to the Los Angeles Opera.

The goal of The Arts facet is to promote and expand art activity throughout the black community.  We strive to create and support art related educational opportunities for minority youth.

International Trends and Services

The International Trends and Services facet is dedicated to providing services to people of African ancestry globally so that they may have a better quality of life. The Palos Verdes (CA) Chapter of The Links, Inc. recently created Links to the Border. We partner with Christ United Methodist Ministry Center (CUMMC) San Diego, CA and Ambassadors for Christ (AFJC) Ministry, to provide food, shelter and basic necessities to immigrants legally crossing the US/ MX border, and those awaiting legal entry. Our efforts inspire hope for immigrants striving for a better future in the USA.

Health and Human Services

This facet was developed in response to the chronic health disparities that persist in black communities. The goal of this facet is to promote and facilitate programs that support the maintenance of good health. In order to meet this facet goal each year The Palos Verdes Chapter of The Links, Inc. puts on a health fair for youth held at a middle school in Los Angeles. This annual health fair educates the youth on self- care and other health issues surrounding puberty. The chapter also participates in the Los Angeles County Health Fair sponsored by KJLH. Information is distributed regarding heart health, high blood pressure, diabetes and breast cancer screenings. Health professionals are made available to answer questions on health and to do brief screenings.

To ensure we as African American women are taking better care of ourselves, we host seminars on the state of women’s health with medical and public health experts as guest speakers to educate the community on pertinent health matters.